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Mail system upgrade
The complete email system has been updated. Emails are now stored on a separate server and not in the user homes anymore. Email filtering is now done through Sieve. Further changes include different handling of incoming emails (virus scanning, spam detection) and a more performant mailbox format.

MySQL update and migration
We upgraded our database servers and switched from Oracle MySQL to the popular MariaDB fork.

Monitoring system upgrade
We upgraded our monitoring system and switched from Nagios to Icinga.

Git server for D-ITET
Department members may now use our gitlab server to manage their projects through git.

Linux upgrade to Debian Jessie
All our managed Debian GNU/Linux clients have been upgraded to the latest stable Debian operating system "Jessie".

Backup solution for laptops
We have now a backup solution for self-managed laptops running GNU/Linux or Microsoft Windows.

ISG.EE relocation
The ISG.EE team moved to their new offices in ETF D 102-106.

Arton grid expansion
The arton grid has been expanded with three additional compute nodes. The grid now consists of 11 powerful machines with more than 200 cores.

Overview ISG.EE services
We created an overview page listing most online services maintained by ISG.EE. You can find it here

New software on Arton grid
The D-ITET compute grid "Arton" for distributed computing now runs with "Son of Grid Engine" (SGE). This is the open source sucessor of the original "Sun Grid Engine" from SUN Microsystems. Detailed information about Arton can be found here:

Roomreservation update
We have updated the roomreservation webinterface for the computer rooms at D-ITET. The URL has also changed. It is now reachable through

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