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This list of services should give you a broad overview of our range of expertise. The list is not complete. And we may also add new services if we see a wide interest within the department. Please just let us know if you would like to use some service that is not available as of now.

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Managed Debian GNU/Linux or Microsoft Windows workstations. You can focus on your work and we will take care of security, software and operating system updates. Most software available in the respective repositories (Debian Packages for Debian GNU/Linux or Baramundi for Microsoft Windows) we provide custom software installations where feasible.


Several storage and backup options depending on your needs. Be it Raid-1 without backup for large temporary datasets or Raid-6 with daily backup for more sensitive data. You can access your data through the filesystem on managed clients or with the popular SMB and SSH protocols from almost any client.

We can also provide project shares that can be accessed by a specific group of people.

Group server

Acquisition, setup and maintenance of a custom Debian/GNU Linux server for your group. The server runs software and services needed by your group.

Microsoft Windows Terminal Server. This might be a good choice if your groups members mainly use non-Microsoft operating systems but still need access to software available only on the Microsoft platform.


We can host your email subdomain which you can access through standards compliants protocols like SMTP and IMAP. A webmailer provides access to your mailbox in any browser.

We support email distribution lists and mailing lists that can be managed by the owner of the list.


Hosting of personal or project specific websites. You can run your personal or project website in a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python/Perl) environment. For project websites you can also get your own subdomain. Furthermore we can also enable SSL for your subdomain if your website serves content that should be secured on its way through the internet.

Distributed computing

We provide the batch queueing system «Condor» as well as an SGE (Son of Grid Engine) cluster. A very comfortable way of running distributed compute jobs is through the Matlab Distributed Computing engine in combination with SGE.

Revision control

Software developers need a way to track changes within their projects. We provide a subversion server that provides such revision control services. The owner of a subversion repository can manage the access permissions by his own through a webinterface.

License server

A Debian GNU/Linux license server provides central license management for proprietary software.

Computer rooms

We maintain three computer rooms for students. All computers are running Debian GNU/Linux and they share the same set of software.

For excercise lessons, computer rooms can be booked through a webinterface.

Software development

We provide software development for small to medium sized applications. Our resources are not huge, so please just ask us if the application you are looking for is feasible for us.

We have good knowhow in the area of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) web development.

IT Consulting

We provide consulting services for group IT responsibles. If you are not sure how to solve some IT problem or which hardware you should acquire for some specific purpose, you are always welcome to get in contact with us. We might have some experience in the area you are interested in.


Last but not least: If you are having a problem with any of the services or computers managed by us, please let us know. We try very hard to provide a good and quick support.

Furthermore we support students that have problems with their laptops. We have most experience with laptops from the Neptun range of models. But we will try to help you whatever kind of laptop you have.

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